married woman

Can a married woman be a bridesmaid?

With no objection, you can have the bridesmaid as a married woman also. Not only as a bridesmaid but also you can have them for all the purposes. A girl can ask her married a close friend to be her bridesmaid. The age of the bridesmaid can be any and even they might have any marital status still they can be a bridesmaid. In some of the places, the bride will make her mother stand as a bridesmaid in the way that she thinks her mother as a friend too. In many places now there is a mostly married woman is a bridesmaid, in the past, they told that a woman who has got married should not stand as a bride’s maid. bridesmaid But in the latest technology people started to consider every woman as equal and they are now allowing this method. The bride will need her best support to stand near her on her special day so it is now left to her on whom to stand near her. All the support for the bride will be done by the bridesmaid who also includes the hairstyle, dressing, and even the make-up for the bride. In some cases, the bridesmaid will be asked to give an addressing speech which will be entirely about the positivity of the bride. This will be like sharing some of the personal experiences between the bride and the bridesmaid in their childhood till now. The important respect will be given to the matron who will do all the works that are hidden at the wedding. The complete work for the bride starting from the things that she wants till the vehicle she will be comfortable to travel will be arranged perfectly by the matron. If it is like bridesmaid is only unmarried woman then there won’t be any woman left to stand near the bride, and the bride should stand alone without any support for the whole day. The choice for her wedding should be left on her choice. Interfering in that should not be done because it is her day and she has all the right to make her own decision at the wedding.

Bottom line:

Having a bridesmaid who has already got married is not a big deal. You can make her stand near the bride to make the bride’s day be better instead of making her stand near a person whom she feels unwanted. To make the day go well with a good nostalgic feel you can make the wedding as per the bride’s wish.