face serum

What is face serum and how to apply it?

The serum is the skincare product and anyone can apply it over their skin. They are contained with plenty of nutrients that are essential for the skin. They are also used as the moisturizer and the skin cleansing products. Because they also can remove the dirt and dead cells that are present over the skin. The serum is the very small molecule that can be easily get penetrated the skin and they deliver a high concentration of active ingredients into your skin. By this, you can say bye to the wrinkles, black marks, and some other skin issues.

How to apply it over the skin?

Before applying serum on face over your skin you have to choose the best quality one so that you could prevent the infection or allergy over the skin due to the serum. The serum helps your skin to reduce the redness and they also boost up the hydration of the skin. Before applying the serum, you have to wash your face with the face wash or scrub and then wet all the areas of face slowly covering the forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks. Gently move your fingers in the circular motion and then rinse the face wash away. By this, you could cleanse your face. Then apply face serum, the amount of serum you applying will get varied based on the ingredients present in it. Add a few drops of serum in your fingers and gently apply it all over your face. apply it over the skin Rub the serum in an upwards direction. Gently press your skin and rotate in circular motions. By this, the serum gets penetrated deep into your skin. Through routine use face serum over your face, you could observe so many different and they also improve the nutrient content of your skin and help them stay healthy.